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2011-04-23 09:28 am
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Still pondering

Obviously, I'm not a huge blogger anymore. I should be: I love to write and definitely have opinions on a wide variety of topics. However; I also have a 3-year old child and a really busy life. So yeah, I should just put some time aside and write for the sake of writing. Let me get right on that...
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2010-05-05 08:54 am
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Yes, still here.

I should probably do something with my extra-spiffy Dreamwidth account. Right?
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2009-04-25 01:20 pm
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This is a placeholder.
I repeat, this is only a placeholder.
If this were an actual entry, you would be reading substantiative content

This has been a test of the Megan Broadcasting System.
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2006-06-03 05:03 pm
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going (mostly) friends-only

Thanks to the wondrous [ profile] hidejournal, I've taken my journal mostly friends-only.

For the moment, everything is friends-only. Eventually, I'll finish working my way through the FIVE YEARS OF ENTRIES (!!!) and (maybe) make some stuff public again.

Over the past few months, I've become a lot more aware of what I've put out in a public venue and how some of the more private thoughts might not be best shared with the entirety of the internet.


If you're a friend of mine and you only see this post, log into LiveJournal to see the rest! If you don't have a LJ, then sign up for one and let me know your username and I'll add you. If you're not interested in signing up with LJ, then just wait a bit and things will hopefully appear publicly again. Alternately, if you utilize OpenID, then comment to this post and authorize yourself - you'll get approved by me and then can see everything again.

See you on the flipside. :)

Edited to add on July 3, 2006: Whoops! Er, I guess I should allow non-LJ folks to reply to this post in case they need to reach me. Anonymous replies will be screened. if you use this as a way to harass me, I will delete your reply while rolling my eyes. Be nice!

Further update on October 8, 2007: I've gone ahead and made everything private. LiveJournal now has a utility that allows Paid and Permanent members to batch change the privacy settings on a journal: . As a bonus, it doesn't erase your tags like [ profile] hidejournal.

Remember: I'm glad to add new people - I don't bite! :)