Re: Please add waltoworld

Date: 2006-06-04 04:01 pm (UTC)
No - I'm a JJ fan who, having stumbled across your lyrics site a few years back, was intrigued by your library chick site and the journal that had been there. It caught my attention, as I too have many of the same likings/personality traits. That being said, you can check out my own web sire at I'm a 43 year old married man with two kids living in suburban north-central NJ... definitely a benign interest in your journal. Like you, I am a Libra (10/20/1962), worked in two libraries while in college and actually started to pursue a masters in Communication ans Library Science at Rutgers back in the early 90's (but that's a story for another time...) I'm a big-time Sox fan (although I'm originally from Philadelphia, I'm a closet New Englander - my wife and I have been traveling up the the White Mountains of New Hampshire for over 10 years, and would move there in a heartbeat if the right job opportunity came along.) Also, like you, I was inspired last year (the day after Easter, to be exact) to drop a few extra pounds, and am down 40 pounds since then - I've been very excited for your own perseverance and I congratulate you on your own weight loss!

I'm in IT for a major pharmaceutical in Princeton, and I admire your tech-savvy. In fact, it was through your journal that I came to know about the web-hosting provided by Dreamhost, and switched my hosting over to them a few years back. Similarly, some of the articles posted in your journal I have been inspired to include in my own (the JJ and William Shatner video, the iTunes meme, and the Flickr blog, for example.)

On any given day, I'll check out your journal just to see what is going on and perhaps gets inspiration to check out something new and interesting, in a similar way the I check out David Pogue's column in the NY Times - I never know when something really cool is going on that I wouldn't want to miss!

Anyway, I gush...
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